Monday, October 24, 2011

Wisdom from Caustic... Your Words Dumb: Lyrical Mediocrity in Stompy Goodness

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I've been meaning to link this up for a while.  This is the latest in a number of posts he has made here and there on what I would, for a lack of better words and for the bonus of sounding like a pretentious twit, call the "Theory of Industrial Music."

When I saw the picture of these shirts that just came in, it reminded me to get off my ass and share this wisdom with the masses.
Your Words Dumb: Lyrical Mediocrity in Stompy Goodness:
Sometimes I think that's because I've been around a while and just like the stuff I like, but I've come to realize that not only do I think the music itself has gotten overwhelmingly samey and boring, the lyrics are fucking HORRIBLE.
Yes, I know, every song isn't meant to be epic and change the world. No, but does that make rhyming "fly" and "sky" and "try" (or "hate" and "fate"...or "head" and "dead") any less pathetic? Does that make obvious, contrived metaphors (if we're even lucky enough to GET ANY) any less terrible? Does that make "shocking" lyrics which are mainly shocking at how amazingly EMBARASSING they are any less cringe-inducing? No.
It's not just the simple rhyme schemes, as that's not the most important thing, but the SENTIMENT in most of the shit nowadays is so simplistic and dumbed down that a first grader would understand it. Is that really the audience you envision in your mind? 
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I'll leave you with a song in your heart...

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