Monday, March 11, 2013

"St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor" & "Caney Mountain" by Ha Ha Tonka


 Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go
This glimpse of brilliance is much better than a long look at mediocrity

I own all of my ideas
I stole just one or two

I owe all of my ideas
To the ones I stole from you

Pretty much my theme song right now for those lyrics up there above the clip.   This has been stuck in the van’s CD player for awhile.  I keep thinking it’s time to switch it out, and then this song, or another one or two on the album, will come on and I decide to let it play through one more time.

"Caney Mountain" is a good song too, but I really love this video…  Saw this after initially posting this, and I had to throw it in too!

Can he climb old Caney Mountain?
Can he outrun this Crusading mob of men
who aim to kill him with the Crucifix theyd fished out of Hodgsons Mill.
They drug her cold, blue body from its depths.
That old relic served to drown her as a millstone round her neck.

Can he clear that western wall which looms large out the Ozarks side?
Calls of men and dogs are closer as is the end of his life.
Could he ever find forgiveness from those gospels he came to preach.
held her down as he baptized her so that heaven she might reach.

High shined sequined buckle in that Bible belt
High shined sequined buckle in the middle of that Bible belt

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All about Ha Ha+Tonka:



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