Sunday, January 22, 2012

“Show Me the Place” by Leonard Cohen & A lost Leonard Cohen album?

Spotted this on Flavorwire this morning, and it leads to the video above.  

Flavorwire » 5 Potentially Amazing Records the World Will Probably Never Hear:

Leonard Cohen — Songs For Rebecca
This was to be Cohen’s fifth album, recorded with the same producer (John Lissauer) who made New Skin for the Old Ceremony. Apparently only half the record was completed, but the project was eventually shelved in favor of the Phil Spector-produced Death of a Ladies’ Man. Two of the songs from Songs for Rebecca surfaced on that record, and three more on 1979′s Recent Songs, but beyond that, Songs for Rebecca just “evaporated,” in Lissauer’s words. There’s more information in a fascinating interview with the producer (who seems like a lovely guy, and appears very philosophical about the whole thing) here.

It sounds like the actual recordings emerged, though.  When I think of lost albums, I think more of actual recordings that never made it out to see the light of day.  Not planned albums scrapped or ideas that were never completed.

I think I’ll just keep my eyes on the new, completed album, Old Ideas, coming out on the 31st.  Looking forward to that!


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