Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Am Listening To Now: "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What I Am Listening To Now: "Democracy" by Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Am Listening To Now: "Specular Reflection" by Between The Buried and Me (BT BAM)

The Flaming Lips have a six hour song?!? Uh, okay...

I don't even have the attention span to watch this for any longer than about eight minutes.  But if you want to watch a 23 minute breakdown of a six hour song, be my guest.

Video: Guided tour of their six-hour song | Rolling Stone: ""Part of the concept of the strobo-trip is that we kinda suggest, playfully, that you take some kind of drug experience with this," Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne says of his band's six-hour epic, "I Found a Star on the Ground." "We thought we would make this a song that you could play for the entirety for one of these drug experiences."

In this video, Coyne takes Rolling Stone on a guided tour of their epic composition, explaining the band's process and ideas at different points in the piece. Don't worry – we've edited it down to a manageable 23 minutes!"

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I Am Listening To Now: "Hey Pretty (Drive-By 2001 Mix)" & "Angry Johnny" by Poe

Heard this on the radio this morning and I really liked it. However, the video for this mix is terrible. Poorly edited and just... Well, I guess she is hot. I like this comment from YouTube, "Yikes. I love Poe, but this video totally ruins the image I had of this song in my head. In fact, i am going to turn it off and keep the dark images I have in my head."


I've been turning this one up on the radio for awhile now, but I didn't know who performed it until this morning. Again, a mediocre video... Better to just listen. Yeah, we get it, she is hot, but that does not mean you have to make videos that look like Playmate Video Centerfolds with clothes on.


A better video clip...

Yes, again, we get it. She is hot.

Broken Social Scene butcher two things: A boyfriend and "The Good Times Are Killing Me" with Isaac Brock

Full disclosure, I'd never heard of Broken Social Scene until this morning, so here is one from them to start off with...  This is pretty great.  The music is all right, I like it, but the video is freakin' awesome. Graphically dismembering a dead boyfriend with an ax category of awesome.  (There is your warning.)


Anyway... Getting to the point. I found this next clip, from 10/1/2011 at The Fillmore in San Francisco, on Pitchfork this morning. Yes, it is cute for a few, but at a certain point it becomes time to just shut the hell up and play the damn song. Commit, damn it! Enthusiasm, live, can make up for a lot.

Sometimes, perfectionism can really kill a live show. But you got to hand it to Isaac for his patience!  

Watch Isaac Brock Perform With Broken Social Scene | News | Pitchfork: "Broken Social Scene invited their pal Isaac Brock on stage at a performance in San Francisco on Saturday night to perform Modest Mouse's "The Good Times Are Killing Me", One Thirty BPM points out. The song didn't go as smoothly as they'd planned, but the several minutes worth of fumbling and arguing is probably as endearing as if it had."

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Here is the real deal... Modest Mouse on Austin City Limits, January 22, 2005.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

RVL: Now on Facebook

Just opened a Facebook page. Is that the right phrase, "opened?"

What I Am Listening To Now: Nick Cave sings Leonard Cohen

First the Rock in Rio feed was down, then my internet was down.  This filled the gap.

Embedding is disabled, but the link is worth following: NICK CAVE - Leonard Cohen's Suzanne

System of a Down LIVE at Rock In Rio

Coming on in a few minutes, supposedly...

A moment of levity: Just who f***ed it up?

Cross posted from Democracy In Distress:

Spotted this on  Funny and fun.  What is great is that it works for all sides, the left, the right, and the center, because whomever you are...  Well, I am pretty sure it wasn't my side who fucked it up.