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Bands Lost In The Foggy Wastes Of My Memory: Slam Suzzanne

Interviews, "I Like To Say Fuck," and "Hell Night Tour" (at  6:05)...

This morning I was listening to some old MP3s from these guys that I crudely ripped from my old cassette copy of On the floor with your Mom a few years ago (no, it's best if we don't talk about that) and I decided to run one of those interweb searches on this band... Much to my surprise, I found a couple of interesting items.  Some fond memories from others and, lo and behold, a MySpace profile where I nicked these pictures and song links from.

Slam Suzzanne was just your basic, competent, fun punk rock band. No more, no less, and in my late teens, I loved them.  There were few all ages shows in Seattle back in those days, but I tried to get out there to see them whenever I could.  I think they played a few more all-ages gigs than most bands, also, which probably was another reason why I was into them

The show I remember best was at the Ballard Firehouse.  They had been popped for serving to a minor, or something like that, and were forced to do some all ages shows on Sunday afternoons.  You could tell that the staff hated it, but us kids had a great time.  Memorable moments: someone set off some sort of stink bomb and the place almost needed to be evacuated and, for free with your ticket stub, you got a slice of what is still to this day the absolutely worst pizza I have ever had the misfortune to take a bite of.  It tasted like, it's hard to say, either cat vomit or dog vomit.  One or the other or something even worse.

As I found on my search, it appears that I am not the only one with fond memories of this band.  It seems like a lot of guys thought that Tymber, their chick drummer, was cute, but she was way more woman than a kid like me could imagine handling at the time. To me, she was a little more scary than cute. She used to play with those cheap sticks that would flay to pieces every couple songs... Hot, but very intimidating.  This was also before I started playing in bands myself, and so everyone still had that untouchable shine of semi-celebrity to me anyway.

Another interesting thing...  Years later, one of the guitar players I worked with for a few years mentioned that Tymber was his cousin.  Seems like she had a big family, because today I found someone else mentioning this on Facebook, and then again on YouTube.

Enough from me, here are some other stories about this band:
The Rick Emerson Show - Songs that Time Forgot: Slam Suzanne
Several days later, a large, black envelope arrived. With a return-address sticker that said "Slam Suzanne" in big letters, and with a Groening-esque bunny head for a logo, it looked a little otherworldly.
I ripped it open, and surveyed the enclosed material. Press clippings, stickers, and a picture of the band. The drummer was a cute girl named "Tymber" -- this was definitely a plus.
Also enclosed was a CD, which I gleefully put into the CD player. Free music! What a great scam this was! Radio rules!"
The songs that poured out were short, fast, and scary-cool...sort of like The Ramones meets Slayer.
The band was also singing about something mystifying...something called a "double latte." What the hell was that? I didn't know, but it sounded like some incredible, all-powerful thing. (Which, of course, was not far from the truth.)
A few days later, I snookered the band into doing an on-air interview with me over the phone (my second-ever band interview, the first being *ahem* Pretty Boy Floyd), and I promised to see them when they passed through town from Seattle. (Seattle! They were big-time rock stars, talking to ME!)
Of course, by the time the show came around, I had fucked up somehow and been forbidden to leave the house. Not quite rock and roll enough to sneak out, I glumly stayed in my room, pondering the debauched fun I was, no doubt, missing. (Later, I heard that the band had asked where "Ed Zeppelin" was. I'm sure they'd had no clue I was a teenager; I wonder what their reactions were upon hearing that Ed was, in fact, grounded.)
Time has passed, life has gone on, and Slam Suzanne seem to have faded away. There's precious little to prove they existed at all, but in my Big Box of Radio Stuff, I still have a dusty, crackling, black envelope...with a return address that promised excitement, and a band picture featuring a drummer who still seems unbelievably hot.
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Some more memories...
Slam Suzzanne: Excerpts from a topic discussion on Old School Seattle Rock on Facebook
Jeff Aylesworth
I wish! I still listen to them every once in a while... One of my local favorites! On the Floor With Your Mom! hahaha 
Chris Fox
My band, Bitter End, played a bunch of gigs with Slam Suzzanne. The most noteworthy was somehwere in Tri-Cities, where Matt (the pre-Phil singer) trashed the venue's bathroom and then blamed it on the local crowd. 
And then there are the lyrics. My favorite: 
"I like to say fuck, I like to say fuck, I like to say fuck--it's better than shit!" 
Colin Owen Griffin 
Handbill for the reunion show at Tony's V's Garage, 
November 21st 2009 in Everett, WA.
My first show @ The Vogue, I was in Grin, we opened for Slam Suzanne. Cute little drummer, with hammers for hands. 
Troy Oliver 
I knew there "road crew"... Spencer from the Nashville, TN area. Timber was an awesome drummer. They played at a skate park in Dalton, GA in the early 1990's. If anyone has the CD or MP3's.... Please let me know. I love and miss these guys... The songs: Dead Water Bunny - No Food - Perforated Condom - 
Richard Paddon 
I remember the flatbed gig, they drove around Alki. Tymber is my cousin, and her Dad's friend was behind them in his Cadilac Convertible. We saw them play last year or so at the Sunset Tavern, great show. Tymber is one helluva drummer. Funny story, some many years ago, my brother is hanging with his buddy David ( a brother, African-American, black guy......) and they are in my brother's car listening to some music, which David is getting into it, he had pulled a disc out from a case, and just put it into the player. Some time later, David had seen posters all over Seattle about Slamm Suzzane playing downtown....Doc Maynard's maybe. So, he hounds my brother to go see them play. Upon arrival, and making their way into the club, they have to take a seat way in back, upstairs. The band comes out, is playing, and David looks to my brother and ask...."who the F_ck is this, and what in the F_ck are they playing, and who in the**(&^% is that chick with the big hair playing the drums?" to which my brother tells him...hey that's my cousin, and she's the drummer for Slam Suzzanne....the band you wanted to see. David tries to explain the songs he heard in the car and my brother realizes that David had pulled Slam Suzzanne's disc out of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers case. David was the only brother in the I wish I was there to see his face. 
Colin Lundgren
Looking to find any sort of Tape or maybe remaster'd to cd? 
Richard Paddon

Keep an eye out, they played a few shows last year [2009]. Tymber is in a band in the Bay area....Cover Girlz
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Slam Suzzanne - YouTube:

Hey I had a cd, because it was given to me by cousin....Tymber !
Blitnekoff 1 year ago
i saw this band for the first time in tri-shities and at indian summer i was the mixican kid who stole the mic on "i can't ride my staeboard" good fuckin times!!!!
rich420509 2 years ago
Ahh...I remember hearing this song in highschool. Good times!
Didn't some of these guys form a surf band called the Manatees?

dannyjingu 2 years ago
Glad to see they are still around. Last show I saw was at the RockCandy(Seattle) the night Tymber was struck by a drunk driver. Sometime in the late 90's.
teufeldritch 2 years ago
I was hanging out with Johnny once when he said he'd rather jerk off than fuck a stripper. Problem was, he said it to my friend--who was married to one.
weblogalias 3 years ago
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These videos are from the 2009 show mentioned above. Looks like some more punks are getting to sleep at a reasonable hour! Good for them. PS: Bald in a suit is the only way to go these days for aging punks.

And, finally, links to some songs!  

These lead to the MySpace profile:

They are on Facebook now, too:

Perforated condom

Perforated condom 

I like to say Fuck!

I like to say Fuck! 




No food
No food

Hell Night Tour
Hell Night Tour


Meat for Breakfast
Meat for Breakfast

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