Friday, May 4, 2012

How to goth dance

Very funny. Much laughter, many flashbacks... Damn bats!

Couples well with this…

Goth for life | Music | The Guardian:

…the world of the middle-aged goth is a fascinating alternative universe, big enough to support a plethora of events and festivals, including the bi-annual Whitby Goth Weekend, which this weekend offers not just Gene Loves Jezebel and In The Nursery but a goth pool competition, a goth dog walk and the amazing-sounding Real Gothic Ladies FC vs Whitby Gazette Girls penalty shootout. You can peer into it by visiting, a German website that organises creches at goth events, does a brisk trade in toddler clothes bearing the legend I'M A LITTLE DARKLING – or, for fathers, T-shirts with the words I'M DEAD in gothic script with the letter E crossed out – and encourages goth parents to send in snaps of themselves with their offspring for their Goth Family of the Month page. If it occasionally sounds faintly tragic – it's a hard heart that doesn't break a little at Hodkinson's stories of goths adapting their appearances to symptoms of ageing such as balding or becoming larger – it is more often a heartwarming tale of strong bonds and lasting companionship. "People have long-term friendships as part of the subculture and their patterns of behaviour were dominated by the subculture," says Hodkinson. "Some people would say to me, you're asking why I stay involved, but really it would be odd not to be involved. If you're so attached to the music and style and it's something that has got you a good sense of belonging and community and practical friendships, why would you break off with that?"

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