Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Am Listening To Now: Denim Wedding

Looking at my post dates…  Well, back from summer vacation, it appears!  I was posting a lot on the YouTube playlists and on the Facebook page, but not here…

Anyway,  these guys inspired me to post again after they popped up on my shuffle play a little bit ago.  I found them last winter and then kind of forgot about them.  This summer, they played a show or two around town, and I remembered the name and that I liked them, but I didn’t remember them well enough to get off my ass and to one of their shows.  Kicking myself now…

This is the song that got me all fired up today, “The Buoyancy Test”.  Yeah, it’s a lot Neil Young-ish (through the Swans, maybe?), but that is okay.  There is room for more of this! 

The rest of their songs from ReverbNation

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